by Darshil Panchal
Published: July 18, 2018 (5 years ago)

The Briquetting lever press “BLP” is an economical product, best suited for rural families, used for making these BRIQUETTES out of waste material like agricultural waste, etc.
Our briquetting lever press is a foldable device and easy to use. The Briquetting Lever press as the name suggests contains a lever (rod) connected to a circular disc which enters into a porous cylindrical entity (Basket). Once the entire lever press is assembled correctly, a mixture of agricultural waste and water is made then this mixture is poured in to the porous cylindrical entity (Basket). Using the Lever, the mixture is then pressed until all the water content from it is drained through the porous in the Basket. The resulting product is in the shape of the Basket, in this case in cylindrical shape, which is in the shape of a fuel cell made of appropriate mixture.