by JK நாட்டுக் கோழி - Jenil Karthick
Published: June 27, 2019 (5 years ago)

We produce and sell pure native breed Naatukozhi (Country chicken)

Breed: Siruvidai and Idaivettu

Day old – Rs. 60

1 month old – Rs. 120

2 month old – Rs. 200

3 month old – Rs. 300

Above 4 months – Rs. 330 per kg

Rooster alone – Rs. 300 per kg (for bulk sales above 50 it is negotiable)


All sales will be 50:50 in sex ratio




We grow Pure native breed of Country chicken (Naatu Kozhi) mainly Siruvidai, Naked neck and idavettu. We have a total parent stock of 350+ and we produce 350+ chicks every week. We can sell chicks or chicken at any stage as per requirement