How to become a farmer?

Wake up and look through your window
What do you see?
Do you see trees or buildings?
Do you see breeze or heat waves?
Do you see river or sewage?
Do you see butterflies or mosquitoes?
Do you see heap of leaves or plastic wastes?
Do you think you need a change?
Do you think you can change?

If the answer is yes, you can be a farmer!

You don’t need to own a land to be a farmer!
You don’t need to know farming to be a farmer!
You don’t need to work very hard to be a farmer!
You don’t need to work in a farm all day long to be farmer!
You don’t need any special skills to be a farmer

Still you can be a farmer!

If you are reading this line, the seeds have already sown in your heart. It is growing slowly and steadily, it won’t stop until your last breath and even after it will continue to grow.

Now you are a farmer.

Do you see a empty spot at the corner of your house, plant a sapling
Do you live in a sky scrappers, plant seeds in a pot at your balcony, you will be a vegetable vendor for your neighbor
Do you have terrace, you can grow innumerable vegetables and greens, you can feed your entire street
Do you have a land, guess what you could command the sky to bend for you…grow anything and never let anyone go hungry

Now you can be a farmer

Who is farmer by the way?
Is he/she a human? Yes
Is he/she a God? Well…More than that.
Is he/she any desires? only one… just feed everyone until he became a seed.
Is he/she selfish? No such words in his dictionary
Is he/she immortal? If he/she dies, no one lives here
Where can I find one? Very simple, just look at the mirror.

Anyone can be a farmer!!! Surprised!! Yaa, that simple it is…

The world is falling apart and does our villages….
We are living in an era where there is no humanity and no life
We are few of those generations live to see the extermination of our own kind.
Life is getting meaningless, many people don’t know what is life after all!!
There is no place for love and kindness
Kindness is being seen as weakness and killing is being seen as bravery…
So is that mean no hope for us!!

Well there is a hope, the hope is inside you!!
Wake up, before the destruction of last forest,
Wake up, before you lose the last river to sewage
Wake up, before you exhaust oxygen with engine exhaust
Wake up, before your dreams dissolve
Wake up, open your eyes, see the reality and ask yourself, Do I have to live rest of my life like this, before I die at the operation table.

Scary right!!

Change! Change is inevitable, Change is the only thing, that keep us alive.
Never forget the history! People who forget their history, will be condemned to repeat it.

Think healthy! Produce healthy! Eat healthy! Live healthy!

Now you are a farmer!!