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      Exclusively for the Beginners!!!

      1) Do not go with colors. Colours don’t have any impact on the character.

      2) Prefer Short curvy beak(Katta mooku). That should be better than all other beak variants.

      3)Prefer full black eyes or silver eyes having tiny black round

      4)Very importantly check the parents, it’s heridity and it’s lineage and the characters of the parent even.

      5)The Chick you are selecting should be the most dominating chick than his brothers. This analysis also must. A good breeder won’t give that chick usually for sale.

      6)A best fighting breed pair will not lay more than 8 to 10 most probably and the hatching percentage will be little less than normal hens, On an average 7 out of 10 will hatch, 5 will grow. In that 5 one will be the best dominating chick. That chick should be your target.

      7) Mathupoo flower is preferred.Keep kurivipo, uchipo, kathipoo and all.next choices.

      8)A good fighter aseel will not chase hens for mating. Hens will be attracted by aseel(Reverse case of sitthu Vedai)

      9)Vocal card should not open for the chicks for at least 9 to 10 months. Till the vocal card open the growth will be good.

      10) Fighting and dominating should start at 2 or 3 months itself

      11) Nail(Mullu) should not come out till 1 year

      12) It should not be given company feed. Usually it prefers insects, dry fish, meat more than grass and veg grains.

      13) The shape of neck, tail, body, legs and eyes will give a majestic look and this chick will never afraid of even adults males.

      14)Don’t go with videos and pics. Go directly with knowledgable people and if possible do some trial fights and check.

      15) Last but not least. Don’t give more focus on the rate. If you really need a quality one, price should be second choice.

      Plz note this is based on my personal experience friends. Might slightly vary with others.

      Good Luck!!!!

      Parthiparajan Thangamuthu‎

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