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      Country chicken or desi murg refers to the breeds of chickens native to India that are raised for eggs and meat. Different parts of the country have different breed types such as Aseel, Kadaknath or Bursa.
      These are all native domesticated fowl that are bred by local farmers on a small scale basis.
      The life of a desi murga is a charming one. Most of them spend a majority of their time in the great outdoors, running around and scratching the dirt for worms or insects then supplementing their diet with household scraps.
      They are butchered when they reach age of maturity, which is approximately 200 days (6.5 months) and sell for ~ Rs 180 – 200/kg

      Broiler chicken
      refers to the breeds of chicken that are bred and raised exclusively for their meat in specially constructed holdings that ensure temperature and feed control. Generally they tend to be some kind of a Cornish hen or other commercial variety.
      The broiler chickens spend their whole lives in their coops with hundreds or thousands of chickens and are fed a diet of corn feed and nutritional supplements.
      They are butchered at 45 days and sell for ~ Rs 55-70/kg.

      So to answer the question, why the difference in taste? Anyone who has tasted both these types of chicken will attest to the superiority of the country chicken’s taste.

      The answer is quite clear once you look at the facts. The desi murgh has a very varied diet and plenty of exercise and exposure to nature. This helps in developing the complexity of the meat’s flavor. One negative to this is that, if you are unlucky enough to buy a very old chicken, you could get stringy (but nevertheless delicious) meat.

      Broilers everywhere have uniform bland, flavorless meat. Since their diet and production is controlled, you’re sure to have tender meat from a spring chicken. But over time, due to unhealthy breeding conditions, many chickens develop weak bone structures and a high risk for avian diseases due to inbreeding.

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      Broiler chicken make you sick and highly unhealthy. Please don’t eat at any cost.

    • Raj Co
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      We do have some desi chicken in my backyard. they are so adorable…we keep them for eggs only. Usually we don’t kill them

    • Bhuvi SLR
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      It is very sweet of you….how many chicken do you have??

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