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Certified Organic Mappilai Samba rice, 1Kg (boiled)


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Organic Mapillai Samba rice

Certified Organic Mappillai samba rice, 1Kg

Mapillai Samba is a native variety of rice grown in Tamil Nadu that’s well suited to organic farming because it is hardy and demands little or no fertilisers or pesticides. The origins of its name can be found in Tamil forklore which has it that traditionally, on his wedding day, a bridegroom (mapillai) was required to lift a heavy rock as a show of his strength and virility. To help boost his energy before the task, this rice was cooked and fed to the new son-in-law.

Along with other native varieties of rice, mapillai samba has all but disappeared from our farms and markets, making way instead for highly processed, nutritionally inferior white rice.
Mapillai Samba can be cooked as plain rice, ground into flour or made into idli, dosa, upma and pongal. It is high in fibre and associated with a host of health benefits:

  1. Aids digestion
  2. Heals stomach and mouth ulcers
  3. Improves immunity and stamina
  4. Strengthens muscles and nerves
  5. Supplies instant energy to the body
  6. Increases haemoglobin content
  7. Good for diabetics since it is has a low Glycemic Index.

Recipes on Mappilai Samba rice:
Mappilai Samba Rice Dosa is a Crispy Restaurant style dosa prepared with Mappilai Samba rice.

If you are hearing for the first time about this Maappilai Samba Rice then let me give a small introduction about this rice variety. This is one of the indigenous rice variety which lost its value after Green revolution. An interesting story is behind on why this rice is named as Mappilai samba, earlier bridegrooms/maappilais are asked to lift a heavy rock to show their power, hence to increase their strength this rice is cooked and given to them. This signifies that Mappilai samba rice gives loads of energy to lift a rock too.


I suggested the same to another friend of mine, when she tried this Mappilai samba rice dosa at home she mentioned me the same that it was so crispy that all loved the dosas and was on huge demand at her home:).

Ingredients for Mappilai samba Dosa batter:

Ingredients for Mappilai samba dosa:

  • As required Mappilai Samba Dosa batter
  • for Drizzling oil


1) Take Mappillai samba rice, Idli Rice, Urad dal, Channa dal, fenugreek seeds in a bowl, wash and soak them for 4-5 hours.

2) Grind them to smooth batter by adding enough water. As we are grinding for dosa, you can add little extra water for the batter.

3) Add salt to batter and mix well. Leave it to ferment overnight.
4) Heat a dosa tawa and drizzle some oil. Take a laddle of batter and spread it in a circular motion.

5) Drizzle oil on sides of dosa and close it with a lid to cook in medium flame.

6) After the dosa is cooked and turns crispy, you can remove from dosa tawa and serve hot with your favourite sidedish.

Tips:1) As we are closing the dosa with a lid,  I am not flipping the dosa. If you prefer to cook with out lid then flip it to cook the other side.2) As this rice is little hard than usual rice varieties it takes more soaking time. Also it demands little extra water to be added to batter for good fermentation .

Organic Mappilai Samba rice..Organic Mappilai Samba rice..Organic Mappilai Samba rice

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